Its is a process in which components are separate on basis of size ,shape, length, density ( in other words its is a separation process of material).its is a machine which is use in science laboratory such as biotechnology lab.

in this apparatus DNA ,RNA, amino acids and protein are separated by plant or animals cell or tissue (bacterial genetic material also be separated).


Its works on density of components desire to separate in form of homogeneous solution


F=intensity of centrifugal force

M= Mass of particle

w= angular volecity of rotation

r=distance of migrating particle from center of axis of rotation

Types of Centrifuge:

1.small bench top centrifuge:

a).in this centrifuge without chill solution can be separated.

b).blood ,serum .etc are separated

c).slow in speed upto 4000 rpm

d).100 eppnodroff tube are can be  loaded in a time.


2.Micro Centrifuge:

a).2mm volume of eppnodroff tube

b).10,000 eppnodroff tube can be loaded

c).protein are separated

3.High speed centrifuge:

a).50,000 eppnodroff tube are loaded

b).sub.organelles are separated

c).17000 rpm speed

4.ultra high speed centrifuge:

a).90,000 eppnodroff tube are loaded.


b).chilled material are used

c).microorganisms are separated

  • Rotar in centrifuge
  • Fixed rotar

horizontal solution are in rotation and clearly pellets are separated debris are obtain

  • swimming bucket rotar

its solution in vertical position in rotation and no clearly pellets are separated

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