Science is not a magic. it always exists in nature and scientists or engineer only make them usable or visible by machines. same like this electricity is not magic, it is also produce one of the nature quality which states” when a conductor is moved in magnetic field , there is potential difference on conductor  end” this phenomena is used in alternator or AC generator. when a conductor “armature” is rotated in magnetic field it produces potential difference of voltage which cause to move charges from one end to other of closed loop. these moving charges are called current.


Alternator is second name of electrical generator. it produces the alternating voltage and current.  These generators are rated in mostly KVA. it consists of two major parts, engine and generator. The engine rotates the shaft of alternator and alternator produces the electricity which is collected on its terminals. The alternators are of 2 basic types. Single phase and Three Phase alternators. Single phase alternators produce single phase electricity and three phase produce three phase electricity

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