Band Pass Filter

Band pass filter is terminology which is used in telecommunication. Filter is device which passes or stops specific things.

 Filter:  Filter is as like net used to catch fishes or birds or beasts etc. Filter is also used for water purification. Here terminology used for filter, is for telecommunication. This filter is electronics circuit which passes or stops the specific frequency.

Band: As written up, here things are discussed are about the telecommunication. Band is range of frequencies. as like from 2 hz to 10 hz. this is called band.

Band Pass Filter: Band pass filter is electronics circuit which pass specific range of frequencies. These filters blocks the specific range frequencies or allow to pass the range of frequencies. When there is modulated signal then for transmission, one of bands or both bands are transmitted. After receiving the signal, for demodulation we have to separate the signal from carrier frequency. Here Band pass or Band stop filters are used. Mostly these filters are used in telecommunication system. Communication system can be of Radio, television, telephone etc

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