Now a days we all are familiar with name of battery because every gadget we use, have battery inside from our handset to laptop. The battery can be from  tiny to large as 2 v 2000 ampere cells.

The first device source of power was battery in form of electrical term. Battery was invented before the faraday’s law who invented generator for electrical power.

Battery provide power by conduction +ve ions and -ve ions. these ions flow through the complete path externally by connected wires. That current provide power to any load from lights to motors or any other like electronic circuit board etc.

There is three types of basic battery.

  1. Dry Battery

2. Wet Battery

.Gel Battery

Dry Battery

                       Dry battery terminology is used for maintenance free battery which are in sealed casing and don’t need any extra work for maintenance.

dry battery
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There batteries are mostly rechargeable and can be charged when low in power or voltage. Now a days these batteries are becoming common in wide range of use.





Wet Battery

wet battery
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Wet batteries are also used in some applications. these batteries need special water to be added and maintained at prescribed levels of water.







Gel Battery

Gel batteries are modern form of batteries which are in between dry and wet batteries. This is latest battery technology which are also maintenance free and long lasting.

Gel battery
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These kind of batteries are in wide range of industries usage in large power banks. Power banks are becoming common in power plants and most commonly in wind and Solar power Plants. Batteries power banks are also used in thermal, hydel and other kind of power plants for emergency cases.

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